Monday, June 15, 2009

Roy Moore For Alabama Governor !

Back in 2003, Roy Moore took a stand that cost him dearly. Roy Moore had put up a 2 1/2 ton granite monument to the Ten Commandments on the premises of the Alabama Supreme Court. His logic was expressed in the design of the monument itself, which quotes from those who founded and shaped our nation. It expresses the opinion of Roy Moore and of many that the Bible was a critical part of our nation's ideological DNA.

Unfortunately, Moore was removed from his position after he refused to obey a federal court ruling that mandated the removal of his monument. Moore chose to use the technique favoured by Martin Luther King and by Gandhi of civil disobedience to an unjust law.

Now, Roy Moore is running for Governor of Alabama. He has a philosophy of government that is diametrically opposed to that of the Obama administration. He is concerned about the malignant role of government in the economy that is now being pursued. As the costs of Obama's recovery strategy mount, Moore's opinions are becoming more and more mainstream.

I am excited by Roy Moore's candidacy. He has ideas that resonate with me. I admire his act of civil disobedience that cost him his seat on the Alabama Supreme Court.

One reason I support him is due to the conviction that secularist intolerance can be every bit as oppressive as religious intolerance. There is a certain doctrinaire inflexibility to the application of the idea of separation of church and state in America. I am not comfortable with how some on the Christian right would like to redefine church state separation. But there is plenty of atheist intolerance on the other side as well. Roy Moore should not have lost his job. Had he hung a cross behind his chair or forced Muslims and Jews to testify bareheaded, I would support his removal. But he did no such thing. He expressed a legitimate opinion about the ideological and religious foundations of our Republic.

There will be eternal tension between atheists and believers in in our country. The very existence of atheists makes the valuable point that freedom of religion must encompass freedom from religion. I am concerned about the human tendency to want to force others to think like us. It is for this reason that I welcome Roy Moore in his run for Governor of Alabama. The pendulum of religious intolerance has swung against believers in this country. Roy Moore has taken a principled stand against this. I look forward to him taking other principled stands as Governor of Alabama.

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