Friday, June 12, 2009

Suicide Bombing at Pakstan Mosque

Yet again, there is a suicide bombing in Pakistan. Associated Press reports as follows.

"Friday prayers had just ended when the suicide bomber walked into the seminary office of a popular anti-Taliban cleric and detonated his explosives.

There was little doubt this was a targeted assassination of a moderate religious leader who had openly challenged militancy and extremism, called suicide bombings un-Islamic and denounced the Taliban as murderers and "a stigma on Islam." He had thrown his support behind an ongoing military campaign against them."

It is widely agreed that the aim of those behind the suicide bombings aim to cow the opposition into submission. Even though Pakistan is predominantly Muslim, it is an area of ethnic and religious diversity. Even those who believe they have the market cornered on truth are usually sensible enough to realise that their opponents feel the same way.

Whether in Israel, Pakistan or Sri Lanka, the behavior of those who seek their own brand of "liberation" while struggling for victory is a good idea of what awaits those who must live with their victory. When someone is willing to kill innocent people and then brag about it, they should be ruthlessly wiped out. The means used to achieve victory can contaminate that same victory.
Pakistan is fighting for its life. No one should tie their hands as they fight an enemy with no limits to what they will do to achieve victory. Terrorism in the name of Islam should be ruthlessly suppressed wherever it is found, whether in Thailand, The Middle East, Pakistan or Israel. Muslims who want to establish a good name for their faith can not sit this one out.

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