Thursday, July 16, 2009

Barbara Boxer Gets Called a Racist! Ouch !!

Barbara Boxer was holding a hearing about green energy sources. She wanted to make the point that in her opinion, it would create jobs and be good for the economy. Appearing at the hearing was Harry Alford, a CEO and a chairman of the Black Chamber of Commerce. He was expecting to debate the bill on its merits. He was opposed to the bill.

Rather than move towards his reasons for opposing the bill, Boxer read from some resolutions by African American organisations.Alford apparently felt that the issue should be decided on its merits. He resented Boxer's approach of bringing out opinions on the basis of race. He felt that the Senator was being condescending by bringing out the opinion of an African American group when she had an African American at the hearing. He seemed to feel that race had no place in classifying opinions.

It was interesting seeing a member of the party that postures as a friend of African Americans being dealt a race card and being accused of being racially prejudiced and divisive. Fortunately, the delightful exchange was captured on video. Judge for yourself. Did Mr. Alford have a point?


Michael said...

Boxer continues to be an embarrassment to California! Right on to Harry Alford. I can't agree with him more. What an insult to him. The majority of reps from California are a bunch of incompetents. There's got to be a better choice for the voters of this state next time around.

Gene "The Mortgage Man" Klein said...

The issue isn't so clear. Mr. Alford wasn't there only there to debate the merits. He was there as the President of a group of people who share a common characteristic - dark skin color. Now, there SHOULD BE as much aggreement in this group as a group of people with dark eye color. But Mr. Alford was not there as President of people with dark eye color. By showing up as President of a group with dark skin color he was at the very least implying that he speaks for people with dark skin color.

Rep. Boxer was only pointing out that there were other groups that claim to represent people with dark skin color, and that they do not share the opinions of the group that Mr. Alford claims to represent.

Gene Klein