Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bias Attack By Akron Mob

A June 27 fireworks display was supposed to be a family event, to be enjoyed in the calm of a summer night. Unfortunately, a group of rampaging youths had other ideas. According to Ohio.com, the marauding gang set upon a family that was enjoying the summer evening. John Alchier,who is wheelchair bound watched helplessly as his family was attacked. Ohio.com reports as follows.

All John Alchier could do was sit and pray.

His call to 911 was put on hold, he said, as he sat in his wheelchair and watched a group of teens pummel his brother and friend.

Alchier, 40, had a front-row seat as the teens swarmed a family gathering on Girard Street following the June 27 fireworks show at Firestone Park. Helplessness overtook him as he prayed out loud.

The story has a number of disturbing components. The lethargic response of the Akron police was most frightening to the victims, as well as reports that the frightening wolf pack attacks were a regular occurence. Ohio.com elaborates as follows.

"Those who witnessed the assault or survived it say this was no isolated incident, and the beatings to Greg Alchier and his friend, Marty Marshall, extended farther than Girard Street that night. A third victim is identified in a police report. More are believed to have been treated for injuries."

In a clear indication of bias motives, victims of the attack were quoted by Ohio.com as follows.

Greg Alchier recalls someone from the group of black teens yelling: ''This is our world.''

Marshall has said he also heard a teen saying: ''This is a black world.''

The FBI in Ohio is investigating to see if racial bias was a motive in the attack. In an odd and encouraging development, Al Sharpton, who in the past had been active in aggravating racial tensions has called for an investigation into the racial angle. If he comes out and pickets on behalf of the victims, I might believe he is serious. I suppose an official statement is a start.

If this were an African American family picnic that was set upon by white thugs, I have no doubt that there would be a national outcry. Unfortunately, there is a blatant double standard. The victims of the June 27 attack were definitely targeted because of their race. Because the victims are white, there seems to be reluctance to treat it as a hate crime. It is clear that robbery was not a motive. If civil rights laws are not invoked to prosecute the perpetrators of this attack, then civil rights laws are not civil rights laws at all. There is a disturbing tendency in mainstream news coverage to only recognise racism if the victims are the right colour. And that, my friend is racism.

I close this picture to underscore the abhorrent nature of
any racism by lumping African American Racists in with the KKK

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