Sunday, July 12, 2009

Secret Palestinian Jews?

There was a sense I had when visiting Israel that it wasn't a matter of "us against them". Many times, I have felt kinship to Arabs that flew in the face of the hostility that seems to dominate the news. I saw a video on You Tube about Palestinians who are of Jewish origin. It is well known that many Jews who stayed in the Holy Land converted to Islam over the centuries. Some maintained customs and knowledge that tied them to Judaism. A few such individuals are openly declaring their Jewish origins. Some actually want to return to the Jewish people. There is a Jewish man who wants to encourage them to return. There is genetic research that confirms the Jewish origins of many Palestinians.

There is undoubtedly many mysteries buried in Arab villages. The Turks settled Bosnians, Circassians and other ethnic groups in Palestine to strengthen the Turkish claim to the land. In addition to Jews who converted to Islam, there are Samaritans, a sect that recognises only a modified version of the Five Books of Moses and the Book of Joshua.

Could this be the beginning of the ingathering of the exiles? Could these be our long lost brothers and sisters? There is something poetic about finding that bitter enemies are truly family. I want to believe that this can happen. I hope and pray that hidden Arab Jews can return to the Jewish people. Change of heart is a part of change on the ground. I hope we can be reunited with the hidden Palestinian Jews. B' ezrat Hashem, Insh-llah it should happen soon.


I hope my readers will watch the following video (divided in two parts) and make up their minds for themselves

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