Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Christian-Newsom Verdict: Life Without Parole

In a stunning move, the jury in the Christian-Newsom rape and murder trial has sentenced Letalvis Cobbins, the first perpetrator convicted in the case to life in prison without parole. The sadism and brutality of the case shocked even seasoned courtroom observers. Although widely covered in Tennessee and across the internet, the case has been left out of national news coverage. Many observers feel that such an omission was intended to sidestep a national dialogue on anti white racism and its sometimes murderous manifestations.

The Christian and Newsom families, who lost their daughter and son in the horrific attacks expressed strong disappointment with the jury's sentence, according to, which reported from the courtroom as follows.

"I think the jury has let us down," said Mary Newsom, mother of murder victim Chris Newsom. "I think they've let Channon and Chris down. We were hoping for the death penalty."

Astonishingly enough, the family of Letalvis Cobbins showed up to plead for mercy in sentencing, citing the usual story of a dysfunctional and violent family life.

Misha Davidson, a sister to Cobbins and another defendant paid lip service to feeling the pain of the victim's families while rolling callousness and audacity into a succinct statement when she said of her brother as follows.

"I know you hate his guts, but we love him."

I have read about the cas in the two and a half years it has taken to come to trial. It is clear that the defendants have made numerous statements that have in a self serving way pushed off responsibility on each other and minimised the horror of their crimes in a manner that was belied by forensic evidence. There was a coordinated effort among the defendants prior to capture and after their arrests to lie about and conceal their crimes. It is disgusting beyond words that the family of the convicted murderer of two innocent young people would rub salt in the emotional wounds of the bereaved by showing their faces and speaking in his defense.

Even Cobbins' attorney said prior to sentencing "Make him suffer for every day of his life for what he did."
The only hope left in this world is that prison justice will correct the shortcomings of the justice that was dispensed today in Tennessee. If this case does not merit a death penalty, then what on earth does?

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