Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Noah's Ark in Modern Times

My son called me up with a joke. It was well worth pulling over to the side of the road to answer my cell phone.

Noah came back to life in modern times. G-d appeared to him and said yet again, that the world was full of iniquity and to build an ark yet again.

"The world is full of iniquity. Build an ark out of gopher wood and board it with your family. Take seven pairs of every kosher species and one pair of every other creature. I will return in six months with a flood that will destroy the earth.

After six months, G-d appeared to Noah. Noah raised his voice to heaven and said, "L-rd, six months is not enough. The city has demanded that I get a building permit. They have issued a cease and desist order demanding I stop construction.

There is an EPA hearing next week . I have to install a waste disposal system within the space you have allotted.

PETA has filed a lawsuit. They don't like the space design for all of the animals. Not only that, they feel that I am discriminating against non kosher animals. My legal bills are astronomical. There is no way I can make your deadline."

"Fear not." said G-d to Noah. "Go to your home in peace. You have obeyed My word. I will not destroy the world with a flood. The government seems to be doing a great job of that already."


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