Monday, September 21, 2009

Mike Bloomberg vs. Himself

First there was the Bloomberg for Mayor cards choking our mailboxes. He doesn't even ask for donations, because he's paying for his entire campaign himself. In theory, this should make Mike Bloomberg an incorruptible mayor. Unfortunately, the general feeling is that the opinions of New Yorkers simply do not matter to him. He has his goals and his philosophy, and he gives off the air of being contemptuous towards the opinions of common folk.

The word is out in Jewish neighbourhoods that Bloomberg wants to reach out for the Jewish vote. He has been hiring Jews to get out the Jewish vote since July. The Daily News reported back then as follows.

"Here's a "help wanted" flyer being circulated by the Bloomberg campaign in search of "well-spoken, persuasive, confident, and hard-working" field workers to pound the pavement of Brooklyn and Queens to rally the Jewish vote on behalf of the mayor. For some reason, I find the carefully-chosen use of the word "persuasive" amusing.

What? Pushy and aggressive is too much?

The flyer was forwarded to me by a Jewish reader who noted that it seems kind of early to be hiring paid field. Along with the flyer, there was also an e-mail from Ari Hoffnung, Councilman Simcha Felder's chief of staff, who is doing double duty with the mayor's campaign."

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