Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ohio Con Dodges Grim Reaper For Now

Am I missing something? Associated Press told the tearjerker story of Ronald Broom, whose execution in Ohio has been for a week while his lawyers argue that it would be cruel and unusual punishment to execute him. It seems that Broom had collapsed most of his veins during a life of drug abuse, making death by lethal injection impossible. The article related in poignant detail how traumatised Mr. Broom was while prison workers tried to locate a vein. Only towards the end of the article did the article mention the rape and murder of a 14 year old girl for which he was to be executed, or the twelve year old he had sexually assaulted prior to that.

The sole defense of his lawyer, Adele Shank (rhymes with Skank) involved impugning the personal background of the victim. The blog details her sleazy efforts as follows.

In July, the 8th Ohio District Court of Appeals said that the suppressed police records can be presented to the trial court for a possible new trial for Broom. His attorneys have to convince Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court that the records probably would have changed the outcome of his case.

But it is unclear whether Broom's attorneys will get a chance to make that argument before his execution.

Matthew Myers, an assistant county prosecutor, told the parole board that he does not believe the records would have changed Broom's conviction or punishment.

"I think it is an outrage to blame the victim at this point," Myers told the board. "I think it is a desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable."

Bessye Middleton also chided Broom's legal team.

"If you had a daughter, would you want me to belittle her as you have my daughter?" Middleton turned to ask Broom attorney Adele Shank. "I know you are an attorney and you have a job to do, but I do not appreciate it."

Shank, while later addressing the board, turned to Middleton to apologize for making her feel "like we're picking on Tryna, because that's not our goal here."

Excuse me Ms. Skank, I mean Shank, that is exactly what you were doing. At least own up to it.

This murder for which Broom has thus far evaded final justice occurred 25 years ago. Broom and his lawyer have had no qualms about rubbing salt in the emotional wounds of the bereaved family. And now they have the audacity to plead for mercy.

It is too late to change the law so alternative methods could be used like say tossing Broom off the Golden Gate Bridge, but why are we so worried about Broom's final comfort? He's going to get a second shot at a last meal and a second free phone call. that's more than his victim got. Two free fancy meals and 25 years of room and board. Not bad...

On a more serious note, a thorough medical examination should be able to uncover a workable vein such as the jugular. Under no circumstances should Ronald Broom be allowed to walk. If he had stayed out of jail, he probably would have made a daily practice of finding a workable vein. Maybe he could help the executioners find a vein as one last prison work assignment. If he won't do that much, I hope they keep trying. I won't be shedding any tears.

AP story

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