Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bloomberg Bags Smelly Endorsement

For a guy who is worth 16 billion dollars and outspends his opponent 16:1, the Bloomberg campaign is looking real desperate. Yesterday's New York Post ran a headline that breathlessly announced a letter written by mayoral candidate Bill Thompson on behalf of disgraced politician Fred Richmond back in 1982. Someone on Bloomberg campaign headquarters had to dig 27 years to reveal that Bill Thompson wrote a letter to a judge on behalf of a convicted felon. I have written such letters. I have attended a sentencing hearing on behalf of a friend. It is every citizen's right to do so. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

Fred Richmond had some interesting tastes and pasttimes. The Post reports as follows.

"Richmond, a four-term congressman, had been the subject of a wide-ranging probe by Brooklyn federal prosecutors.

He ultimately pleaded guilty to evading $50,000 in income taxes on his 1981 returns, possessing marijuana and illegally padding the salary of a civilian worker by setting up college tuition for a Navy Department worker's daughter.

Richmond, a former head of Carnegie Hall and philanthropist who at the time was one of the richest men in Congress, was first arrested in 1978 over allegations of soliciting sex from a 16-year-old boy.

The charges were dropped after Richmond agreed to counseling, and he was handily re-elected.

But other probes followed.

There was grand-jury testimony from former staffers saying his aides had bought drugs for him, according to press accounts at the time. The feds were also probing his involvement with the timber company he created and how a Massachusetts fugitive ended up on the House's payroll.

Richmond told The Post all the drug-related issues were out of his Washington office and didn't involve Thompson, who was stationed in New York. Richmond was sentenced to one year and a day. While awaiting sentencing, a bodybuilder killed himself in his Sutton Place apartment."

New York of Magazine created a far more detailed picture of Fred Richmond, back in 1982, which included all of the details that get dropped from indictments. The link to it is here.


The article would, if taken at face value lead one to the conclusion that Fred Richmond had some illicit yearnings for young men, some underaged, that claimed a considerable part of his wealth. This tawdry revelation was only a part of the laundry list of offenses that brought about his downfall.

So what did Bloomberg's diggers in the media get out of the Fred richmond story? They got Fred Richmond's endorsement of Mike Bloomberg for mayor! Fred Richmond, now 85 years old, paid back the kindness of Bill Thompson by endorsing fellow Bostonian Mike Bloomberg. A dispassionate observer would conclude that Fred Richmond is not only a corrupt degenerate but a hard core ingrate as well. The New York Post reports as follows on Fred Richmond's snippy slap at a one time friend.

"He's not worthy of being mayor," Richmond said, praising Mayor Bloomberg as "a walking genius" and saying that, as city comptroller, Thompson steered the municipal pension funds poorly.

"Between his father and me, he's had everything handed to him on a silver platter."

He went on to call Thompson a "weakling" and added, "He didn't turn out to be a very good friend . . . after all, I was his employer and mentor and brought him up, and when I came back to New York, he never contacted me, except for [campaign staffers asking] for money."

Isn't Mike Bloomberg lucky? A degenerate doper convict is gushing with enthusiasm over him being a "walking genius". An endorsement like that is like having your dog jump all over you after he has climbed out of a septic tank. I am voting for Bill Thompson, but I am so happy for Mikey Mike Bloomberg that fellow Bostonian Fred Richmond gave him such a malodorous endorsement. What was Bill Thompson's only crime? His friend turned out to be ungrateful scum. Hey ! Who hasn't been stabbed in the back before? It happens to the best of us. And besides, it was 27 years ago.

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