Monday, November 30, 2009

Cosmetic Surgery Kills Argentine Model

An Argentine model has died after routine plastic surgery that was intended to leave her with firmer buttocks, according to the Latin American Herald Tribune, which reports as follows.

"Model Solange Magnano, a former Miss Argentina, died of a pulmonary embolism after undergoing cosmetic surgery in Buenos Aires, the local press reported Monday.

Magnano, 38, traveled on Thursday from her home in the central province of Cordoba to the Argentine capital to have a cosmetic operation.

While she was being treated at a private clinic, the model, who had 8-year-old twin boys, suffered a blood clot in the lungs that required her to be taken to the hospital, where she died on Sunday.

Magnano had been Miss Argentina in 1994 and currently was working for designer Roberto Piazza while she was managing a modeling school that she had opened two years ago in San Francisco, Cordoba.

The surgical procedure Magnano was undergoing intended to improve the shape of her buttocks “has its risks, because it is not a procedure that is scientifically guaranteed,” warned the president of the Plastic, Cosmetic and Reparatory Surgery Society of Argentina, Juan Carlos Seiler, in the daily Clarin."

I see nothing wrong with appreciating feminine beauty, but have we sunk to the level of dispassionately evaluating women's body parts? How is that any better than dog shows or the camel beauty contests they have in Saudi Arabia ?

The thought that two young boys have lost their mother in the chase after surgically simulated youthfulness is unspeakably sad. It is one thing to have fashionable colours and styles of tailoring. But do we really need to reduce women to the level of fashion accessories to be tailored to the tastes of the viewing public? What sort of man is going to seek custom shaped women?

How much happier are we now that we can hold off the ravages of age, tinker with fertility and even delay menopause?

There are actually people who become addicted to plastic surgery. Michael Jackson is the most prominent example.

There is a place for plastic surgery. Accident and burn victims or those recovering from surgery can certainly benefit. There are even women who suffer back problems because their measurements are too disproportionate.

But for most of us, learning to be happy with ourselves and each other is far more important an aid to the quest for beauty. Removing ugly personality traits would do a lot more for personal happiness than shaping chests and posteriors.

The thought of children orphaned by the search for a fashionable body is unspeakably sad. It would seem that men who truly love women would not have to reshape them, but could treasure them as they are. Cutting fabric in new shapes and dying it in new colours every season is fine. It's pleasing to the eye and good for the economy. But it is grotesque to subject women to the same ordeal as a blot of cloth.

Perhaps we can honour the memory of Solange Magnano by accepting ourselves and each other as we are, instead of measuring ourselves against models and celebrities. Is that too much to ask?

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