Thursday, November 19, 2009

Domestic Violence ,Etc Around the World

A ten year old Arkansas girl is in a youth shelter and a cop is suspended The Sydney Morning Herald reported as follows on the unusual case.

"Police were called to the home on November 11 after the girl's mother couldn't get her to take a shower.

Bradshaw's police report said the girl was "violently kicking and verbally combative" when Bradshaw tried to take her into custody, and she kicked him in the groin.

He said he delivered "a very brief drive stun to her back".

"Her mother told me to tase her if I needed to," Bradshaw wrote.

Police Chief Jim Noggle said on Wednesday that Taser stun guns were a safe way to subdue people who were a danger to themselves or others."

I have to wonder about a mother who invites a cop to taser her kid. I also wonder what sort of calming or containment strategies were used. A taser in an instance like this seems to be overkill. Even though the case is being treated as an oddity, there really are some very troubled kids out there. I hope the family gets some help.

The other weird case is a case of an abused spouse who snapped and killed. The switch here is that the abused spouse was a man. How badly abused was he? His wife allegedly told him he was too smelly to use the bathroom, and that he had to go to the local shopping center if he needed to go . She did not work, yet rationed his cigarettes and pocket money. She flaunted an affair and taunted him about it. She also made him sleep on the couch. What kept them together? They both liked to get drunk. The Sydney Herald reports as follows.

"For almost 20 years he submitted in order to keep the peace. When she demanded he change his surname to prove he loved her, he agreed.

When she insisted he not see his friends or family, he complied. When she taunted him by resuming an affair with a former boyfriend and suggested he ''grow some balls'', he swallowed the insults.

When she said he was too smelly to use the toilet at home, he restrained himself until he arrived at work. When she refused to let him sleep in their double bed, he dossed down in the spare room on a camp stretcher.

He was sole breadwinner but she rationed his cigarettes - just 12 each day - and controlled their money. Each week after withdrawing the housekeeping money he handed over the cash, his ATM card and receipts.

Now, compliant as ever, Anthony Sherna, 41, is in the Homicide Squad offices with nothing to hide. ''I then lost my temper,'' he tells detective Nigel L'Estrange. ''I lost my temper, and I strangled her with the dressing-gown cord until she could no longer breathe.''

What keeps a man like that from walking out the door? I've seen it close up. It's like a bad investment. After a few disastrous quarterly statements, you start to realise that nothing is going to change and you cut your losses. The problem with battered spouse defense is that it opens the system to the potential for abuse. Sherna didn't have video footage to back his claims, but he did have witnesses. I don't know what kind of jails they have in Australia, but this guy doesn't sound like he belongs with hard core convicts.

This isn't exactly domestic violence, but it's kind of interesting. Two brothers, former polygamists are now giving guided bus tours of Colorado City, Utah for $69.00 a pop. The brothers have interesting credentials. The Salt Lake City Tribune. "reports as follows.

"The brothers say they began the bus tours because they felt it was time to tell the truth about their pasts.

"Those women and most people out there are wonderful people, but they've been taught to say that these were their choices," said Richard Holm, who like his brother, Heber, could pass for a Swedish farmer. Both have pale gold hair, work-thickened hands and a deadpan way of speaking. The brothers say that Jeffs never gave anyone a choice -- even on major, personal decisions about who to marry, what job to do or even what car to buy. Everything was up to him.

Six years ago, Richard Holm says, Jeffs kicked him out of the group and "reassigned" his two wives and 17 children to Richard's younger brother, who still lives in Colorado City. Richard reckons his was one of 300 families that Jeffs wrecked in the same way. It was different when Richard and Heber were boys, the brothers recall. Their opinionated father wasn't expelled for urging his children to think for themselves, and he wasn't expelled when he allowed Heber to take off on his own at 17.

The Holms say that Jeffs' lieutenants continue to run the place from the pulpit, the police station and the city council, and that some 8,000 people in the region are still loyal to him."

This group is like a rigged poker game. They regularly kick out teen boys and married men, thereby maintaining a skewed sex ratio for the leadership. It's quite a racket. There is a whole subculture of ex Mormon polygamists.

But if you think the Mormons polygamists are far out, there is a part of India that blows Utah right out of the water. In remote villages there, they practice polyandry, in which several men, mostly brothers marry one wife. It is done so that small plots of land are not further divided. I am actually putting up a video below, so you'll know I am not making this up.

There was a case in my neighbourhood when a man went into a bodega. He stuck a long knife into a box of rice krispies. Then he skewered some corn flakes . When he was about to nail a box of Trix, the cops tackled him. When they asked him what he was doing, he announced angrily, "I'm a cereal killer."

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