Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama Moving Trial From NYC

After months of indifference, President Obama has finally bowed to security concerns and agreed to move the terror trial of Sheikh Khalid Mohammed out of New York City, according to the Daily News. Senator Chuck Schumer and Mayor Bloomberg had lobbied publicly and privately for the move.

Having the trial in New York City was a security nightmare and a publicity windfall for the terrorists. It would be a fine idea to move the trial to Alcatraz island off of San Francisco Nancy Pelosi would certainly be honoured to have the trial near her district. Alcatraz is in any case far easier to secure than downtown Manhattan.

Moving the trial is only the first step. The trials of terrorists should be in military court. President Obama continues to believe that attacks on America such as the crotch bomber are ordinary crimes rather than acts of war. If Obama were really learning on the job, I would not worry. Unfortunately, Obama is blinded by ideology and his own preconceived notions. Least rning on the job is exponentially harder with the learning disabilaties of an ideologue. If our leader must be led, those of his party with a shred of common sense must remind him that we are fighting a war. Overcoming the learning disability of ideological blindness in our President will take a lot of work. But we must lead him and lessen the mishaps that are inevitable in a four year on the job training program for chief executives. It is, sadly enough, all we can do.


Deirdre said...

Yes, this was a nightmare to begin with, and finally some movement towards getting this trial in military courts. Obama must start listening to the people!! Great blog, please check out mine at


Magdeburger Joe said...

I always check oot links mentioned in comments. Yours is good. Nice to hear from someone in Massachusetts. I'm from their. It continues to fascinate me after decades in New york