Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown Wins on Obama Shirt Tails

Voter turnout in Massachusetts was over 50%. No one can say that the voters of Massachusetts were apathetic. Special elections to fill sudden vacancies are usually disappointing turnout. The Coakley vs. Brown election is a notable exception. Massachusetts has a state sponsored medical program that many voters find underwhelming. Cost overruns, rationed care are not popular in Massachusetts, and they don't wish them on the rest of the country.

The latest news is that Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has telephoned her concession to Senator Elect Scott Brown. Massachusetts is a state whose liberal leanings are buttressed by a large university population. The Republican victory should be seen as a cautionary sign to the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, Pelosi, Reid and all the leading Democrats are speaking of persisting in pushing a health care program that is extremely controversial.

By coming to Massachusetts to campaign, President Obama put his popularity on the line. During his entire time in Massachusetts, he said nothing about health care. A wiser President would think about altering his course. President Obama shows no such signs of political wisdom.

It would be wise to have a dialogue on health care. There are problems with our current health care system. But a veto proof 60-40 majority does not make for cooperation. Perhaps the Democrats will be forced to listen to the people. If not, the voters will remember in November November.

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