Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Paris Hilton in Rio Beer Commercial

Poor Paris Hilton. She went down to Brazil and did a beer commercial for Devessa Beer in Brazil. From the look of the photos, I think the beer must have been pretty good. I think she could do a really good Tylenol commercial as well. I am, however shocked and dismayed beyond words at one glaring problem with the picture. Hilton is seen clearly drinking from a can. That is absolutely disgraceful. A woman of her means should be drinking draft from the tap. If she really wants to slum it, she could drink from a glass bottle. I am shocked. No one maintains any standards any more.

But now that I think of it, if you are going to fall to the ground clutching your beer, it is probably safer to drink from a can. I do not want to think what might have happened if Paris Hilton fell on the streets of Rio with a glass bottle.

I am very fond of beer commercials. I have no use for most television shows, but beer commercials are in many cases, works of art. As a testimony to Paris Hilton's attempt to join the ranks of beer commercial stars, I am pleased to present some of my all time favourite beer commercials.

My all time favourite is a Fred Flintstone beer commercial from back in the 60's when there was very little regulation in advertising. Some of the European beer commercials are almost entirely visual, like the Tuborg commercial that shows a girl getting prettier and prettier as the man in the commercial keeps drinking. Then there is the commercial in which a girl tries to put a voodoo curse on a man who is drinking beer , with comical results.

I wish Paris Hilton success in her new career doing beer commercials. I am looking forward to checking out Devessa beer, but only in a bottle.



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Anonymous said...

The ONLY good beer commercials were the Hamms bear commercials of the 50's, early 60's. ("From the land of sky blue waters"). I'll never forget the tune. They can probably be found on youtube.