Wednesday, April 14, 2010

British Clothing Chain Withdraws Padded Swimwear for 7 Year Olds

Primark, a British clothing chain has responded to a firestorm of criticism. It has withdrawn a line of swimwear with padded tops aimed at girls as young as seven.

The BBC reports as follows:

The company apologised to customers for “causing offence” and said it would donate profits to a children’s charity.

The Children’s Society criticised Primark for “premature sexualisation and unprincipled advertising”.

Part of the campaign to withdraw the controversial clothing line came from the Children’s Aid Society in Britain, The Children’s Aid Society advocates for children’s rights and works to combat child abuse. Their spokesperson, Penny Nicholls, cited research proving that “commercial pressures towards premature sexualisation and unprincipled advertising are damaging children’s well-being.”

Sending the proper messages to children about their worth and self image is not only accomplished in the home and at school but through (Click here to read the rest of my article on

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