Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Music Banned in Somalia By Bearded Dudes With Guns

Somalian Islamic radicals have ordered radio stations in Somalia to stop playing music. Almost all radio stations have complied. The prohibition even extends to playing advertising jingles. In a country with no government, it is an assortment of militias, answerable to no one, who call the tune in Somalia. The BBC describes the exciting sounds of the new Somali hit parade as follows.

“Residents can now only hear music from the government-controlled radio station and another Kenya-based UN-funded radio station, which has a FM transmitter in Mogadishu, he says.

“We are using other sounds such as gunfire, the noise of the vehicles and birds to link up our programmes and news,” said Abdulahi Yasin Jama, Tusmo radio’s head of the programmes”.

The ban has not been particularly popular with Somalis. Al Shahab, one of the radical groups operating in Somalia has (Click here to read the rest of the article on www.indyposted.com)

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