Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obama : We’ve Been To The Moon. Let’s Go To Mars !

President Barack Obama has declared his support for the US space program with all of the enthusiasm he normally reserves for the national anthem. The Orlando Sentinel reports as follows on Obama’s gung ho hum mixed message concerning space exploration.

“And in an implicit response to critics who have said Obama’s plan would end America’s human spaceflight program, the president declared,”The bottom line is that no one is more committed…to human spaceflight than I am.

“But,” he said as applause swelled, “we’ve got to do it different.”

Obama said he expects that manned capsules will be circling Mars by the mid-2030s, with landing soon after. Striving for Mars, he said, would require research and development of new technologies to dramatically extend U.S. reach into space.

By contrast, he said, he does not support a return to the moon: “We’ve been there before…there is a lot more of space to explore.”

So Obama wants America to go to Mars. And he doesn’t want us to go to the moon, “Because we’ve been there before.” This is like a spinoff on the old movie, “If Today is Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium.”

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