Sunday, June 20, 2010

We Con The World Subjected To Youtube Censorship (Video)

It seems that Warner/Chappell Music has filed copyright claims against Youtube for hosting a spinoff of the famous hit "We Are The World". They may have wanted to remove themselves from controversy by appearing to oppose the video. But legal experts agree that the video is 100% legal under US copyright law, which permits the employment of a copyrighted melody for parody purposes.

Fortunately, the video is being put back up regularly (and taken down) on Youtube as well as other sites that have no intention of bowing to or exerting pressure on pro Israel video makers. This is not the first time that Youtube has engaged in questionable censorship. Videos put up by the Israeli government defending their actions have been censored as well. Fortunately, the internet is a big place, and Youtube can't be everyplace at once.

I am putting the video up here because I support it and because I support free speech. Shame on you You Tube.

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Chana @ Lemon Lime Moon said...

But despite repeated requests and complaints they will not censor the films that are so clearly anti Semitic. Some are outrageously so.