Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture

The US border patrol shot and killed a 15 year old boy who was trying to cross the US border illegally He was part of a group that had tried to stone a US border patrol.According to Yahoo News, there are charges and countercharges about both American and Mexican border officers violating the restrictions on crossing the border. Predictably, the Mexican government is protesting the "disproportionate use of force".

Stoning a person can cause serious injury or death. Someone who is being stoned has a right to use the force available to them. We are not talking about an arm wrestling match.

Meanwhile, within Mexico, a state within a state is killing people at will. 55 bodies of murder victims were found in a mine shaft, some with hearts cut out and others with gang insignia. Mexico is in a state of war. Its government is disintegrating. encouraging its citizens to go north sidesteps the need to create jobs and a future within Mexico. Focusing on an incident in the US provides the public with a mental escape from the dismal reality of life within Mexico.

Border officers have a right to defend themselves. Stoning them is deadly. Anyone who does so should expect the worst. It's that simple.

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