Thursday, December 23, 2010

Musician of the Day: Josh Ritter

I was poking around on, a site that delivers a dizzying cascade of blog entries, including mine. I found a blog called "sightless among miracles". The complete lack of capital letters is identical to what I found on the blog header, and not a typo on my part. The blog's motto captures a sense of quiet wonder with its motto.
"Days pass and the years vanish, and we walk sightless among miracles…"

Today, "sightless among miracles featured Josh Ritter, a musician born in Moscow Idaho to two parents who were both neurosurgeons. While attending Oberlin college, Ritter changed his major from neuroscience to "American History Through Narrative Folk Music." He has lived in Massachusetts, Idaho as well as Ireland, where his CD's sold very well after open mike performances.
Since 1999, Ritter has produced 7 albums, 7 EP's and 12 singles. He makes his living in music full time.
I find his style to evoke a bit of Bob Dylan on the more "unplugged" of his work. It is easy to imagine Ritter achieving mega stardom. This hard working, creative musician certainly deserves such a break in his career.

Josh Ritter on Myspace

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