Sunday, January 2, 2011

Inspirational Song of the Day: “Illuminated” By Hiam Naiditch

Inspirational music is a major seller in the English language. As a Christian country, most of the music that is based on faith and religious inspiration draws on the Christian biblical canon. In many homes, such music is seen as a way to enjoy the uplifting effects of music without some of the questionable influences that have affected some mainstream popular music.

Observant Jews are likewise hesitant about the unfiltered influence of popular music, and seek to enrich their lives with music that is supportive of rather than contradictory to the tenets of their faith. Jews have been in America since the 1600′s and since then have become a fully participating part of American society.

It is only logical that Jewish music should absorb some input from surrounding genres. Since the 1960′s in particular, there has been a flowering of music that draws its inspiration from Jewish tradition, from the Jewish biblical canon and from the oral law that has its roots in Jewish scripture. Some music is in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino or other Jewish languages, and other music is in a local language such as English.

Of the English language songs, there are some that are specific to a Jewish religious framework, that deal with specifically Jewish practices, or address life with an infusion of Hebrew and Yiddish that make such songs less accessible to listeners who are not familiar with Jewish tradition. Other songs are entirely in English and deal with issues of faith and a relationship with G-d in a manner that is more universal. Many orthodox Jewish musicians make both specifically Jewish and general interest music. Matisyahu is the most famous example of a singer who performs both types of music. There are many more musicians in the Jewish community whose music is of a quality that makes them worthy of consideration by a general audience. One of many such musicians is Hiam Naiditch, a young man who belongs to the Lubavitcher chassidim and maintains an appreciation of popular musical styles. He generally performs with an acoustic guitar, rather than with a full band. He composes both his own lyrics as well as the music. I am pleased to present his latest song “Illuminated”. The lyrics to the song are below.
Skies are grey,
shadow things don’t cry
Thoughtless things, they sway,
immune to all the lies,
[My] Soul’s not still as I’m trying
The earth You make where i’m lying,
All these things I’ve been trying
For You
And when I stand tall,
You’re walking,
You’re walking beside me
What I wish for,
I hope for,
I pray for you to see
A light has found a way,
Illuminating glow,
A light has found a way
To my heart, yeah
And when I stand tall…

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Jack said...

I dig Illuminated. Thanks for posting. I just tweeted out a link to your post and may repost it on my Jewish music blog. I'll let you know.

Best regards, Jack