Sunday, April 17, 2011

Announcement to Readers


Both and have been in existence since January of 2008. Both sites have followed an eclectic path, poth poliically and topically. The fact that both names are easily misspelled, as well as other technical issues have limited the growth of both sites. In response to this, a new site has been in existence since November of 2010. It is called, and it can also be reached by the url "

Globe will supersede and, which will both remain on line. and should really be considered the forerunners of GlobeTribune.Info.

The graphics of GlobeTribune.Info look a lot more like a news web site. Despite this, it will continue to encompass the mission of and, with an editorial policy against cutting and pasting articles from elsewhere, and instead introducing content with leadovers to original sources.

We will be producing a lot more articles than and, with the help of additional authours and editors. This is a promise we have kept since November, during which time our circulation on GlobeTribune.Info is well over double what the combined circulation of and were.

In short, this announcement does not mark the end of or, but a new chapter in the life of both sites.


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