Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Fond Look at Ellis Island [Video]

To my wife’s family and to my own, Ellis Island is a place of birth into a new nation for us. It is a symbol of birth into a new nation, of the adoption of a new language. Some of my family were what we today would call economic refugees, seeking opportunities in America that were all to scarce at home. One of my uncles came here at the age of 12. His first job was retrieving body parts of miners killed in explosions, a task for which a still small twelve year old was deemed physically suited. He built a nice life for himself and his family with a bowling alley and a truck. When I stood next to it as a little boy, the tires were taller than I was.

Ellis Island remains a symbol of many nations sending their sons and daughters to the US, People of every conceivable ethnic group came through Ellis Island. Contrary to popular misconception,

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