Sunday, July 15, 2012

Karl Marx, Godfather of Modern Genocide [Video]

We are accustomed to thinking of the Marxist left, whatever its hidden motives might be as defenders of oppressed minority groups. In reality, it was Karl Marx who openly advocated the extermination of “racial trash”, such as Serbs, Basques and Bretons, who he believed to be incapable of being inculcated with Marxist ideals.

As can be seen from the folowing article in the New York Times, there was a time that Nazis viewed communists as simply being another faction of what was essentially the same ideology. From 1939 to 19 41, when the German-Soviet Boundary and Friendship Treaty of September 28, 1939 was in effect, Germany was portrayed in what was then the Soviet Union in a positive light. The New York Times mentions this ideological affinity that prevailed during the infancy of Hitler’s National Socialism.

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