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Music From Johann Adolf Hasse [Videos]

Johann Adolf Hasse was born in 1699 in Bergedorf Germany to a family of church musicians. His musical repertoire spans a range from church music to symphonies and operas. He started his musical career as a singer prior to embarking on his career as a composer. Hasse married Faustina Bordoni, an an Italian mezzo-soprano in 1730 and spent a great deal of his musical career in what is today Italy. Hasse had a long career as a court composer in Dresden as well as Vienna. Married to Faustina Bordoni  an Italian mezzo-soprano, hasse spent a great deal of his life in what today Is Italy. Following are some selections from Hasse.

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Asia Bibi and Hangovers of Caste Hatred In Pakistani Islam

A Pakistani woman named Asiya Noreen “Asia” Bibi, faces a death sentence in Pakistan for daring to drink from a well frequented by Muslims. Since Bibi is Christian, the local imams declare that water touched by her is unclean, and therefore "haram" for Muslims to drink. The fact that Bibi was reeling from thirst did not matter a bit to fellow berry pickers. In addition to her alleged brazenness, Bibi faces charges of blasphemy for saying that Jesus would have judged here more benevolently than would Mohammed. The village imams offered Bibi the option of conversion to Islam, an option that she refused. The New York Post printed an excerpt of Bibi's account of four years spent in a remote Pakistani prison, caught between bigoted mobs calling for her death and a government in Islamabad that is embarrassed by her plight. The book is called Blasphemy, and was dictated to her husband during her long imprisonment. Fifty percent of the sales of the book go to supporting Asia Bibi and her family as she languishes in prison.

The travails of Asia Bibi resemble stories of treatment meted out to untouchables in devoutly Hindu parts of India that were in keeping with Hindu customs. As a result of Hindu case bigotry, many untouchables became Christians or Muslims.This has left a hangover of Hindu customs and attitudes that have seeped into the Islam of the Indian subcontinent. It should be remembered that British India later split into India and Pakistan, and that in 1971, Bangla Desh seceded from Pakistan and became an independent country. The religious communal map of British India looked far different from that of India, Pakistan and Bangla Desh today. Communities were uprooted and put to flight, forced to live on "their" side of new and artificial borders during the bloody partition riots of 1947, as well as various outbreaks of local unrest in subsequent years. Many historians and scholars have speculated about the degree to which Pakistani Islam is adulterated with Hindu, polytheistic ideas.

 Asia Bibi may well be the victim of ignorant clergy who see themselves as Muslim when they are really practicing a bastardised form of Islam laced wit idolatrous customs. The problem is not Asia Bibi defiling a well. The so called Muslims of Asia Bibi's village have already contaminated their alleged monotheism with idolatry. It is not Asia Bibi who needs "purification" but those who persecute her. All of this speculation is of little help to Asia Bibi and her entire family. It would be wonderful if the United States, Canada or some other enlightened western country would accept Asia Bibi and her entire extended family as immigrants and refugees. Perhaps Pakistan and its people can be shamed by infidels into living up to their constitution. NY Post Book

 Excerpt Hinduism in Pakistani Islam article 1

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  Hindu Caste prejudice in Pakistan article 3

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Music From Inti Illimani and Victor Jara [Videos]

      The cultural complaint of many nationalist groups around the world is that their indigenous music, literature and language is being diluted by the overpowering influence of the idndustrialised world. In Latin America, a movement for indigenous (politicised) music was launched under the name "Cancion nueva".

  A prominent group in the Nueva Cancion movement in Chile was Inti Illimani. because they were vocal supporters of the Unidad Popular government of Salvador Allende, they were wanted by the dictatorial regime of Agosto Pinochet.Fortunately, in 1973, Inti Illimani was on tour in Italy, where they were able to secure political asylum. Victor Jara, a Chilean singer with similar politics, was not so fortunate. He was murdered
in Chile's central stadium in the early days of Chile's military dictatorship after being beaten and tortured in 1973.

The first of the following three videos is of Inti Illimani performing in Italy. The following two songs are "Ni Chicha Ni Limona" by Victor Jara, and "Manifiesto".

White House Winks at Anti Christian Violence In Egypt [Video]

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was very careful  in a recent press conferenceto say absolutely nothing about violence in Egypt by condemning "all the violence that has been perpetrated there in Egypt. Earnest condemned attacks on Christian churches without condemning the people who perpetrated them. In addition, he made no distinction between violence by police that was intended to thwart violent attacks and attacks made on peaceful demonstrators.

The more complex question of the rights of a government to ban demonstrations in times of widespread unrest was completely ignored by Earnest, who succeeded only in dispelling any illusions of a coherent Obama administration policy towards Egypt. Earnest, the clueless press secretary, even tried to make light of the attacks on Christians when asked if the administration had a red line on attacks on Christians.

"I didn't bring my red pen with me today." quipped Obama's spokesman. (Real funny Josh.")

The White House is far more concerned about apppearing as though it cares than it is about actually making a difference.

DC Caller article 

Facebook Serves As Messenger For Egyptian Hate Groups

Meanwhile, Professor, Dr. Amjad Qourshah  has been very busy calling for violence against Egypt's Christians, even accusing them of attacking and burning their own churches, according to the Sharia unveiled web site.

  What is most interesting about Dr. Ahmad Qourshah is the help he has gotten from Facebook, which has allowed him the freedom to call for violence and amass 259 thousand likes as he does so on his Facebook page.

Anyone who has ever attempted to network on Facebook for conservative or pro Israel causes has, in all probability run afoul of the Facebook  thought police, who seem highly selective in their enforcement of company rules. It seems that Facebook, despite supposedly being a neutral communication medium, has a marked political bias. According to their rules, you are not supposed to develop new relationships on Facebook that did not exist prior to logging on. A blind eye can be turned, of course, if you belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.

This selective enforcement of its rules can have deadly consequences when Facebook is used to promote and execute anti Christian violence. The IPT blog reports as follows.

A memo posted on the Facebook page of a local office of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism shows a clear call to incitement against Egypt's Coptic Christian population, giving its blessing to the burning of churches.
   Unfortunately for Egyptians who are trying to build a civil society, and tragically for Egypt's Christians, the Obama administration and the major media outlets are discretely supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. Although this is a propaganda coup for radical Islam, it is the cover received from Facebook that is taking a real toll in human life.

IPT article

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Songs From Natan Goshen and Idan Amedi [Videos]

The cornerstone of my Israeli musical tastes is the music of Idan Raichel, who draws on Israel's ethnic diversity as a source of his music. Some of his music is soulful and introspective, a bit like Arik Einstein as I remember him from the 1970's. The following song All I have is you תרגום לאנגליתwas put on YouTube with subtitles. The video after it is  Idan Imedi's "All I Have Is You."

 Idan Amedi רץ אל האור Running Towards the Light . Here is a partial English translation of the lyrics, as well as the video.

  Running towards the light Today, I came back into the room to look at the ceiling how is it compared to us? It's still quite clean. Because I wanted to forget, and throw it away, in another failed attempt, to become mr. nice guy (sweet). Here's one more wise guy, so he prefer to keep quiet. amongst all these jokers I so want to snap out and shout Evening falls again falls onto the street amongst thousands of beggars lost souls when the evening falls again I fall to the abyss I am a beggar now myself too seeking to go back when the darkness takes over me I run towards the light

Shabbat Shalom Dear Readers Parshat Ki Tavo 5773

          This week, parshat Ki Tavo, candle lighting will be at 7:25PM in Brooklyn. has a section of their web site where you can look up candle lighting in your locality. One article in this week's deals with the command to the Israelites to erect a monument with Torah texts covered  with lime prior to entering the Holy Land. Why cover the texts with lime? Were the monuments for the Jewish people or for the surrounding nations? What is significant is that they contained Torah texts of admonition rather than boasts of military prowess.

The Hawaii state motto "Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono", which translates as   "The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness" is integral to Jewish belief. The manner in which the Jewish nation dedicated itself to service of G-d before entering the land expresses the centrality of this concept to Jewish identity. By inscribing Torah texts (according to many opinions) in the 70 central languages of the world, the point was brought home that the entire world is supposed to be a domain of righteous pursuits. has an approach that is very engaging to readers like me who are engaged in the contemporary world. It has articles about current events, modern Jewish history and matters in Jewish tradition that might perplex or concern Jews in modern times. This week, Aish noted Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech, much of which was delivered extemporaneously. (What a rarity in our times!)

Another article deals with couples who divorce after decades of marriage. Rather than treat such breakups as inevitable, the authour suggests ways to keep a marriage alive. Although the article is strictly practical and not at all metaphorical, it is hard to work on a marriage consecrated under a Jewish wedding canopy without thinking about keeping our relationship with G-d alive.

A good part of this parsha deals with the blessings the Jewish people will enjoy if theyu are faithful to the commandments  and curses that will follow abandonment of G-d. It is a frightening parsha .

The question that presents itself in trying to understand the blessings and curses is "What do we become if consequences are random or nonexistent?" Even more troubling is the vision of a world in which an evil society assigns its own blessings and curses. During the Rwandan genocide, during China's "Cultural Revolution" and during the Holocaust, the state decided what depravities were to be lauded as "good citizenship". When I feel fear and anxiety during the readings of the blessings and curses, it is curses written by evil people in godless societies that evoke genuine visions of horror.

    In this month of Elul Jews around the world are praying for a time of peace and blessings that can be recognised as such by all the nations of the world.. For the sake of us all, may this age come quickly.

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Delbert Belton, 89 Murdered By Teens In Parking Lot. Photos of Suspects Released


 Delbert Belton, an 89 year old World War Two veteran was beaten to death outside an Eagles lodge in Spokane Washington. Belton clung to life for a few hours before sccumbing to his injuries.Photos of the two suspects, who are described as African American males between 16 and 19 years of age, have been released to the media.

It is safe to say that President Obama will not say "if my grandfather were alive, he would look like Delbert Belton. it is also safe to say that the main media outlets will not focus an unending stream of media attention on the murder of Delbert Belton. A few weeks ago, well meaning whites listened guiltily as President Obama spoke of young black men, (including himself) hearing car doors click when they walk on the street past white motorists.

Delbert Belton is a tragic reminder that the fears of white motorists, as well as many blacks, are well founded. Fear of living near blacks is not die to fear of loud music, or a belief in white supremacy. Such fears are born out by crime statistics that are maintained by the FBI and broken down by race. Such statistics show that the fears of being victimised by young violent black criminals have a statistical basis. Unfortunately, this phase of the "national dialogue about race" will not be conducted by our mainstream media.

We will hear endlessly about Trayvon Martin, and how George Zimmerman got away with murder. A single story can create a perception of reality that influences collective behavior and incites unrest.Indeed, there were "payback for Trayvon" beatings across the country after George Zimmerman was found not guilty in his killing. The photos of the two suspects are getting circulation all across the country. They are fairly decent photos, and may well lead to arrests. It seems likely that the two nameless thugs will be fingered by African American neighbours who are appalled at their crimes.

What is even more certain is that the mainstream media will spike this story, which needs to be viewed in the context of black on black crime. America should be a nation of good people uniting to put bad people out of business. Unfortunately, the temptation to consolidate voting blocs with fears of racism blinds us, and distorts our focus.

Trayvon Martim was very useful as a rallying cry to make black voters feel that white America was killing their children. Delbert Belton is not useful to such a political. narrative. Americans of all colours are ready to continue the "national dialogue about race". Our mainstream media, as well as our President, have adjourned the discussion.

Al Gore and Science as a Religion


Al Gore recently compared critics of global warming to bigots and supporters of apartheid on an interview with the Washington Post, where he opined as follows.
I remember as a boy when the conversation on civil rights was won in the South. I remember a time when one of my friends made a racist joke and another said, hey man, we don’t go for that anymore. The same thing happened on apartheid. The same thing happened on the nuclear arms race with the freeze movement. The same thing happened in an earlier era with abolition. A few months ago, I saw an article about two gay men standing in line for pizza and some homophobe made an ugly comment about them holding hands and everyone else in line told them to shut up. We’re winning that conversation.
   Gore ignores the "inconvenient truth'  of the Climategate scandal, in which scientists at the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit were caught discussing falsifying and manipulating data on global warming. The e mails showed that scientists were willing to effectively strong arm global warming skeptics into silence. already, "global warming" has been repackaged as "climate change" This way, any spike or dip in temperature can be cited as "proof" of Al Gore's theories.

 One of the "inconvenient truths" of scientific research is that sometimes people who finance research have a vested interest in certain results. This can be extremely problematic, for instance in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Gore's vehemence in supporting global warming theories evokes memories of the Catholic Church hounding Galileo over his solar centric model of our solar system. Science should be an open ended inquiry into the realities of the physical world. Unfortunately, it has become politicised to the point that dogmatic camps are emerging in the study of our world. There is no comparison between bigots and people who have taken a position on a scientific issue. To compare an opponent of global warming to someone who harasses homosexuals in public is itself a form of intimidation.

   Al Gore is like a member of a junior high school debate team who has run out of facts, and resorts instead to rolling his eyes, and distracting a credulous audience with irrelevant comparisons.

   Who stands to make money if global warming is accepted? Do proponents of this questionable theory follow the rules they wish to impose upon others? Who finances research into global warming? Who finances its skeptics? Maybe scientists need to reconcile the opposing studies, or even discount one side or the other.

   The western world has repudiated the persecution of religious heretics. Indeed, many modern thinkers would be proud to be identified as "marching to a different  drummer." Unfortunately, the freedom of inquiry and debate that dominates the spirit of modern theology seems to be endangered in the scientific world. Al Gore has turned his "science" into a sort of religion. Many of us do not kneel at Al Gore's altar. Is there a problem with that?

WP interview with Al Gore.

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"Nisbia" by Choni Goldman [Official Music Video]

Choni Goldman, winner of the title Jewish Star of 2012 is, thankfully still active in the Jewish music world. The following video was filmed in Brighton Beach, and carries a message of hope in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Like New Jersey's famous Stronger than the Storm" video, songs about recovery from natural disasters have a metaphoric resonance for people struggling to recover from their own personal trials that play out on a smaller stage.

 I first heard Bob Dylan's "Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" when I was about 12 years old. Late into my 50's, it has a far deeper resonance

School Secretary Stops School Shooting [Video]

The quick and thoughtful of school secretary Antoinette Tuff saved the students at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur,Georgia from a tragedy much like that at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in New Jersey. The Your Black World website reports that Tuff showed a combination of firmness and empathy to Michael Brandon Hill, 20,who she would not allow near the children in her school. During the tense standoff, she spoke to him about setbacks in her own life, from a failed marriage t an attempt to start up a business. In the end, the man surrendered without incident.

    Tuff was not a martial artist or a mind control expert. In the following interview, she appears as a woman who was firmly grounded in her religious faith. we are blessed that she was at the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy to deal with the situation.

Israeli Super Model `Bar Refaeli Tells Pink Floyd To Yank Her Picture From Stage

Israeli supermodel Bar Refseli was undoubtedly dismayed when she found out that her picture was used in a performance of Pink Floyd in which her picture was used in a slide show. “Roger Waters, you should remove my picture from videos at your concerts. If you’re going to boycott, then go all the way.” the internationally famous model announced on her Twitter account. Bar Refaeli undoubtedly objects to the demonisation of her country, which has become an essential feature of politics as a fashion accessory.

 It's on thing to ditch a handbag or skirt that has gone out of fashion. It's another matter entirely to decide that an entire nation has gone out of fashion. Yet no one gives matters a second thought when Israel, the Jew among nations, is thus singled out. Enemies of Israel are diligent and thorough when it comes to demonising Israel.

 There is a Norwegian web site dedicated to Bob Dylan songs that has barred Israeli visitors from visiting the site.

 I looked for they lyrics of one Bob Dylan song on the Bob web site that the Norwegian wen site did not have listed. Following are some of the lyrics.

Well, the neighborhood bully, he’s just one man
His enemies say he’s on their land
They got him outnumbered about a million to one
He got no place to escape to, no place to run
He’s the neighborhood bully

The neighborhood bully just lives to survive
He’s criticized and condemned for being alive
He’s not supposed to fight back, he’s supposed to have thick skin
He’s supposed to lay down and die when his door is kicked in
He’s the neighborhood bully

The neighborhood bully been driven out of every land
He’s wandered the earth an exiled man
Seen his family scattered, his people hounded and torn
He’s always on trial for just being born
He’s the neighborhood bully

Apparently, starting a country from which Jews are banned and in which Christians are persecuted does not rank as a high priority with political fashionistas. Neither do Congolese war atrocities, oppression of women in Muslim countries or human rights violations in China.Israel, the Jew among nations, is judged by a standard all its own.  More significantly, Israel is expected to fight by gentleman's rules in a world where dirty fighting is the norm.

In a world riddled with hypocrisy, it is a pleasure to be hated by such morally inconsistent, superficial and morally tone deaf people. in times like ours, being hated can be a badge of honour.

Jews News article

Announcement To Readers About Globe Tribune.Info

Since last week, Globe Tribune.Info has been plagued with multiple technical problems. In the last couple of days, the site has been inoperative. Globe Tribune.Info represents almost three years of work. Yesterday, we were pretty glum, and unable to find the cause of our site crashing. Fortunately, we were able to find a knowledgeable website designer and repair specialist. The bad news is that Globe Tribune.Info will require extensive work. The good news is that all articles, photos, links and videos have been preserved. Nothing was lost. The files containing this information will be saved and put op again. What is even better, is that we will have learned from the technician what led to the crash, and how to prevent it in the future.

Although all this has been stressful, annoying and costly, it has been a learning experience. We will emerge from this crash with G-d's help with useful knowledge that will be of help to us in the future