Thursday, August 22, 2013

Delbert Belton, 89 Murdered By Teens In Parking Lot. Photos of Suspects Released


 Delbert Belton, an 89 year old World War Two veteran was beaten to death outside an Eagles lodge in Spokane Washington. Belton clung to life for a few hours before sccumbing to his injuries.Photos of the two suspects, who are described as African American males between 16 and 19 years of age, have been released to the media.

It is safe to say that President Obama will not say "if my grandfather were alive, he would look like Delbert Belton. it is also safe to say that the main media outlets will not focus an unending stream of media attention on the murder of Delbert Belton. A few weeks ago, well meaning whites listened guiltily as President Obama spoke of young black men, (including himself) hearing car doors click when they walk on the street past white motorists.

Delbert Belton is a tragic reminder that the fears of white motorists, as well as many blacks, are well founded. Fear of living near blacks is not die to fear of loud music, or a belief in white supremacy. Such fears are born out by crime statistics that are maintained by the FBI and broken down by race. Such statistics show that the fears of being victimised by young violent black criminals have a statistical basis. Unfortunately, this phase of the "national dialogue about race" will not be conducted by our mainstream media.

We will hear endlessly about Trayvon Martin, and how George Zimmerman got away with murder. A single story can create a perception of reality that influences collective behavior and incites unrest.Indeed, there were "payback for Trayvon" beatings across the country after George Zimmerman was found not guilty in his killing. The photos of the two suspects are getting circulation all across the country. They are fairly decent photos, and may well lead to arrests. It seems likely that the two nameless thugs will be fingered by African American neighbours who are appalled at their crimes.

What is even more certain is that the mainstream media will spike this story, which needs to be viewed in the context of black on black crime. America should be a nation of good people uniting to put bad people out of business. Unfortunately, the temptation to consolidate voting blocs with fears of racism blinds us, and distorts our focus.

Trayvon Martim was very useful as a rallying cry to make black voters feel that white America was killing their children. Delbert Belton is not useful to such a political. narrative. Americans of all colours are ready to continue the "national dialogue about race". Our mainstream media, as well as our President, have adjourned the discussion.

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