Sunday, August 25, 2013

Music From Inti Illimani and Victor Jara [Videos]

      The cultural complaint of many nationalist groups around the world is that their indigenous music, literature and language is being diluted by the overpowering influence of the idndustrialised world. In Latin America, a movement for indigenous (politicised) music was launched under the name "Cancion nueva".

  A prominent group in the Nueva Cancion movement in Chile was Inti Illimani. because they were vocal supporters of the Unidad Popular government of Salvador Allende, they were wanted by the dictatorial regime of Agosto Pinochet.Fortunately, in 1973, Inti Illimani was on tour in Italy, where they were able to secure political asylum. Victor Jara, a Chilean singer with similar politics, was not so fortunate. He was murdered
in Chile's central stadium in the early days of Chile's military dictatorship after being beaten and tortured in 1973.

The first of the following three videos is of Inti Illimani performing in Italy. The following two songs are "Ni Chicha Ni Limona" by Victor Jara, and "Manifiesto".

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