Sunday, August 25, 2013

White House Winks at Anti Christian Violence In Egypt [Video]

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was very careful  in a recent press conferenceto say absolutely nothing about violence in Egypt by condemning "all the violence that has been perpetrated there in Egypt. Earnest condemned attacks on Christian churches without condemning the people who perpetrated them. In addition, he made no distinction between violence by police that was intended to thwart violent attacks and attacks made on peaceful demonstrators.

The more complex question of the rights of a government to ban demonstrations in times of widespread unrest was completely ignored by Earnest, who succeeded only in dispelling any illusions of a coherent Obama administration policy towards Egypt. Earnest, the clueless press secretary, even tried to make light of the attacks on Christians when asked if the administration had a red line on attacks on Christians.

"I didn't bring my red pen with me today." quipped Obama's spokesman. (Real funny Josh.")

The White House is far more concerned about apppearing as though it cares than it is about actually making a difference.

DC Caller article 

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